Powers tournament management at thousands of private clubs, public courses, resorts and golf associations all over the world.

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Live Mobile Scoring

Engage Members with live scoring. Allow players and staff to enter hole-by-hole scores and drive instant calculation of results.

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Live TV Leaderboards

Follow the action in the clubhouse, on the patio, or anywhere with large displays showing live leaderboards, photos and more.

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Online Registration & Payments

Eliminate registration by paper, phone, and email with custom online registration for member events. Add credit card processing to streamline registration and payments for outings.

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Automated Communication

Automatically inform members through personalized text messages and emails. Enhance their experience and improve your efficiency.

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Custom Event Websites

Easily create a dedicated website for each member event or outing. Manage registrations, showcase sponsors, and share event details, tee times, results, photos, and more.

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Club System Integration

Improve productivity and eliminate manual processes by integrating with other club systems, including your club website, club mobile app, and cart GPS displays.

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Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Golf Genius is cloud-based, so its always on and accessible from anywhere. The comprehensive Knowledge Base guides you through every step while our team of knowledgeable PGA Professionals is ready to assist you 24/7.

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Golf Hub

Increase awareness and boost participation for your events, leagues, and clinics. Easy to use templates create digital flyers, or Golf Hub Pages, that include registration with or without payments.

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Tour Games Featuring Waggle

Waggle by Golf Genius allows tournament and league operators to create fantasy games based on PGA TOUR events and invite their community of golfers to participate.

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